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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Committee Notes: Committee Lists
Message from the President
Annual Meeting a Success
Board Member Introductions

Need to Know:

  • To Help Grow Your Business: Grower's Discount Labels
  • Specialty Food Study: Specialty Sales Increasing
  • So You Think You Need a Co-Packer?

Member Spotlights:

  • E-Space
  • The Karma Sauce Company

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Need to Know:

  • Food Labeling Advice
  • Nutrition Panel Information

Member Spotlights:

  • Maggie's Mustards
  • Sidor Farms & North Fork Potato Chips

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Need to Know:

  • Link to a free e-book on FDA regulations: https://www.foodpackaginglabels.net/food-labeling-requirements/
  • Top 5 Trends of Summer Fancy Food Show
  • Gaining Visibility in the Food Supply Chain by Committing to Sustainability
  • Learning from Neighbors: Lessons from NYSSFPA Then-Chair Alison Clarke's Trip to Dominican Republic

Member Spotlight:

  • Supreme Vinegar

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Governor Cuomo speaks about the targeted investment in Kingston Food Hub Supports Hudson Valley Farmers. He highlighted the success of the pilot program initiated by Hudson Valley Food Hub collaboration thanks to a grant from the State Dept of Agriculture and Markets and Empire State Development. This has led to more than 2.5 million pounds of localfood products being used in 2014 throughout the state.

See the Spring 2015 newsletter for more information

Winter 2015 Newsletter

What are your first steps in taking your passion and creating a viable business? How do you make sure your foundation is strong enough to support your growth? How do you get started?
What you need to start a business from forming a legal entity we will discuss the various forms, to getting insurance, required by law; all the important and not that much fun stuff, but necessary to make sure you are organized to succeed.

See the Winter 2015 newsletter for more information

Fall 2014 Newsletter

We know you have a great recipe but while that is important there is so much more to plan (and no, you don't need a 40-page business plan with charts and graphs)…but you do need to know how to create a path for yourself to walk.
What you need to start a business from forming a legal entity we will discuss the various forms, to getting insurance, required by law; all the important and not that much fun stuff, but necessary to make sure you are organized to succeed.

See the Fall 2014 newsletter for more information

Fall 2013 Newsletter

In the St. Lawrence River Valley at northern edge of our State, there is a cooking seminar series that's about a lot more than just teaspoons and measuring cups! The Local Living Venture has applied for fund-ing to videotape and post online their "Nutritious De-licious!" series of workshops, teaching people how to "eat lower on the food chain" -- for the health of their families, simplicity of living, and economical gains.

See the Fall 2013 newsletter for more information

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Across the State Food Hubs (see article pg. 6) are being dis-cussed and some are functioning already, helping farmers and producers to get their products to markets where the goods will sell. I still have the hope of a Hub that will have a co-packing kitchen in it so we are able to take farmers' excess produce, turn it around, and sell it back to the farmers to extend their season with a value-added product. We all have dreams, and some of them become reality!

See the Summer 2013 newsletter for more information

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Bed & Breakfasts Owners and NY Small Scale Food Processors Association Members Collaborate to Provide Local Produce to B & B Guests

Marketing of New York Farm Products to Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers is a project designed to bring Bed & Breakfast Innkeeper and their guest together with New York farmers, small scale food processors, or any entrepreneur with farm products to sell.

See the Spring 2013 newsletter for more information

Winter 2013 Newsletter

Food marketers are masters at getting people to crave and consume the foods that they promote. Often their marketing tools are used in response to consumers' desires for tastier, more convenient and less expensive foods. Unfortunately, much of the food that is advertised may be high in fat and sugar. With the obesity epidemic at an all-time high, we need to look for marketing solutions that can have positive outcomes for both businesses and consumers.

See the Winter 2013 newsletter for more information

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Growing demand for local foods is presenting new opportunities for small scale agricultural producers, but understanding the relative costs and benefits of different local foods channels is important to maximize farm performance. Wholesale channels typically move larger quantities quickly but usually at a lower price. Direct channels, often have higher prices but require more customer interaction.

See the Fall 2012 newsletter for more information

Summer 2012 Newsletter

I would say that food tastings are examples of experi-ence additions to a product and thus improve the eco-nomic value. Connecting with you and your story is part of the "experience economy" and helps to create value. After viewing the great products of the Meet Our NYSS-FPA Members series and reading their stories I really would like to order some of each member's products. Not because I want to run a contest on who has the best jams, salsas, etc., but because I feel that I have made some personal connections and thus would like to com-plete the experience with some of the products.

See the Summer 2012 newsletter for more information

Fall 2011 Newsletter
Allegany County is know for it's pristine lakes and streams, abundant wildlife, woodland trails and scenic countryside. Check out our newly launched website for "Bounty from our County"!

See the Fall 2011 newsletter for more information

Spring 2011 Newsletter
So you‘re a food fanatic who makes incredible chili marmalade and is kept awake at night thinking about ways to perfect your salted caramel cookies? All your friends love your artisanal culinary creations—you‘ve even had offers to buy your products, so what‘s stopping you from becoming the next Rick‘s Picks?

See the Spring 2011 newsletter for more information

Winter 2011 Newsletter
Thanks to the NOFA workshop organizer we have been able to offer a special NYSSFPA Roundtable entitled “Running Your Business Effectively and Profitably: Food, Energy and Sustainability”. The roundtable discussion will address ways for existing and start up businesses to increase revenue.

See the Winter 2011 newsletter for more information

Fall 2010 Newsletter
Customer relations – Do customers annoy you? For some of us, customer service can be the most difficult part of running a business. (Giving ourselves an attitude adjustment doesn’t always take care of the problems.) The customer is not always right, but we must find the balance between letting them think they are and keeping our standards.

See the Fall 2010 newsletter for more information

Summer 2010 Newsletter
What makes the best fit for the markets depends on your area. Make sure you research your market so that when you bring the product to the market, the customers will be able to afford it or see its use on a daily basis. The product needs to be unique, have a story that is compelling, taste good to a wide range of people, have a good price point and be attractively presented.

See the Summer 2010 newsletter for more information

Spring 2010 Newsletter
Do you have a special recipe everyone tells you should bottle and sell?Are you a farmer who has extra product year in the field or hanging on tree each growing season and want to maximize your businesses income by processing the product in to a value added product?

See the Spring 2010 newsletter for more information

Winter 2010 Newsletter
The holidays are over and as this newsletter goes to press , we just completed marketing our Taste the Region specialty boxes at the Holiday Market in NYC Wednesdays in December thanks to the enthusiastic support of Bob Lewis and the NYS Agriculture and Markets.

See the Winter 2010 newsletter for more information

Fall 2009 Newsletter
Your NYSSFPA Board has been very busy as we prepare for our Annual Conference in Saratoga, January 22-24, 2010, in conjunction with the NOFA-NY’s “Organic Farming and Gardening Conference”. The Northeast Organic Farmers Association proved to be a wonderful group to partner with last year. We are pleased to have input into their Value Added workshop section that we feel will best serve our processors.

See the Fall 2009 newsletter for more information

Summer 2009 Newsletter
It has taken longer than hoped, but the “Taste the Regions” specialty gift boxes are being packed in the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Long Island and Hudson Valley. They will be ready for sale in August within the regions and in some state locations. It’s exciting to see the large, colorful regional logos on boxes holding jams, chutney, teas, sheep sticks, maple products, nuts, and condiments bedded in cocoa crinkle paper...

See the Summer 2009 newsletter for more information

Spring 2009 Newsletter
In this troubled economy here and around the world, small scale community businesses (we say “less than 20 employees, mostly 1 or 2”) are very important in building local economies where the money is recycled over and over. Though some sales have gone down, others like those at farmers markets have gone up as more consumers are becoming “locavores”, buying locally and regionally, consuming less energy for transportation, and enjoying the local flavors.

See the Spring 2009 newsletter for more information

Winter 2009 Newsletter
The NYSSFPA Trade Show booth is a wonderful place to show your product and brochure. We also expect to showcase some of our new Regional Specialty Boxes, a project we have been working on with NY Farms! to market member products and build regional identification. If you are attending the conference, bring brochures and two samples of your product...

See the Winter 2009 newsletter for more information

Fall 2008 Newsletter
Are you acquainted with Palm Olien, Vream Right, Vreamay Right, Victor Right, Enova and Nutridan? As consumers trying to reduce transfats in your diet, you may be interested to learn that these are the “new” fats being designed by food scientists to meet your needs and food processors’ needs for a “clean” transfat free label. What can a consumer do to choose fats that are healthy?

See the Fall 2008 newsletter for more information

Summer 2008 Newsletter
The NYS CFP conducted public listening sessions in Albany, Syracuse, New York City, Binghamton, Rochester, Harlem and Riverhead this spring. Anti-hunger advocates, farmers, processors, consumers, health care professionals, laborers, food service directors and many others delivered stimulating and insightful testimony about key food policy issue areas to the members of the NYS CFP. This input will be instrumental in developing effective recommendations for a State food policy strategic plan.

See the Summer 2008 newsletter for more information

Spring 2008 Newsletter
On March 1, about 70 people gathered for the annual meeting and conference of the New York Small Scale Food Processors’ Association (NYSSFPA). This conference brought together chefs, packers, bakers, livestock and produce farmers, as well as advocates of eating and buying locally.

See the Spring 2008 newsletter for more information

"Fostering Food Processing On Farms and In Communities" is the title of the 2008 Annual NY Small-Scale Food Processors' Association (NYSSFPA) conference to be held Saturday, March 1 at the Hudson Valley Foodworks in Poughkeepsie.

See the full press release here

Winter 2008 Newsletter
January is the start of a new year and a place for new marketing ideas. Marketing collaborations create real change. We processors and farmers need to collaborate so that co-ops, small stores and consumers can have an easy access to our high quality local foods at reasonable prices.

See the Winter 2008 newsletter for more information

Fall 2007 Newsletter
There is a problem with committees and associations. They are loose gatherings of “volunteers”, heavily involved with running personally owned businesses and lives that require a lot of energy and time. What we need is a “HomeTown Foods Collaborative” business. Participants, who share the same vision, would facilitate the creation of a regional food system utilizing an existing network of individuals, businesses and organizations! We cannot wait for a grant or the government or any one individual to solve all of our regional problems.

See the Fall 2007 newsletter for more information

Summer 2007 Newsletter
Food products from global farming and large scale processing fill grocery store shelves. Yet there is a growing dissatisfaction with the environmental costs of such products. One-hundred mile diets based on local farms and processors is the new interest of consumers worried about the quality of food and the distance traveled. The NYSSFP Association is in a unique position to help connect consumers to NY food processors’ products. However, much needs to be done.

See the Summer 2007 newsletter for more information

Spring 2007 Newsletter
Rule number one: when the health inspector shows up, DON’T PANIC.” That was the first statement my instructor at the Culinary Institute of America started with when discussing how to handle the health inspection of your food establishment. What he didn’t explain was why you shouldn’t be filled with fear. Cindy Gimberg, supervising water inspector of Columbia County, explained why...

See the Spring 2007 newsletter for more information

Winter 2007 Newsletter
Welcome to the New Year! Even though the calendar says January, it’s hard to believe that winter is really here. The temperatures outside have been unseasonably warm and my new fleece lined boots are still in the box. But now that the holidays are over, the pace definitely has slowed down. Finally there is time to browse through the new seed catalogs that have been piling up since fall and to catch up on some reading.

See the Winter 2007 newsletter for more information

Fall 2006 Newsletter
Unpaid publicity is a powerful and beautiful thing. What food producer wouldn’t want a TV newscaster, radio DJ, newspaper reporter or influential local personality to speak highly about a product he or she has made? Anyone selling a product welcomes positive public recognition, especially if they didn’t have to pay for it. But what many food entrepreneurs don’t realize is that they have the opportunity to influence this type of promotion.

See the Fall 2006 newsletter for more information

Summer 2006 Newsletter
A feasibility study is in process for a potential collaborative project between the NY Small-Scale Food Processors' Association. (NYSSFPA) and NY Farms!  NY Farms would focus on marketing while NYSSFPA on production and accessing products.  Krys Cail, Agriculture Development Specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension, and NY Farms!

See the summer 2006 newsletter for more information

Winter 2005-2006 Newsletter
As part of the NYS Farmers Direct Marketing Conference held February 2 to 5, 2006, SSFPA had a day-long series on Saturday, February 4 dedicated to Shared Use Kitchens and Incubator Kitchens. SSFPA members as well as other conference attendees had the opportunity to listen to speakers who have worked with these kitchens share their stories. Several SSFPA members were also speakers for other workshops during the conference.

See the Winter 2006 newsletter for more information

2005 news and information
On January 17, 18, and 19, SSFPA joined in our third collaboration with the NYS Farmers Direct Marketing Association and Federation of Farmers Markets of NY. The conference was held in Syracuse and was very successful in many ways.

We hosted four well-attended workshops on January 18, spurring a great deal of discussion! Featured were resource people on entrepreneurship, with solid information on insurance and legal issues; an update on food safety regulations with information as to where in our regions we can get further assistance: advice on framing advocacy issues; a marketing workshop providing models for building a branded identity for your region; and information on regional marketing and distribution. The Association has purchased cassette tapes of the workshops, which can be borrowed by emailing: alisonclarke@mailstation.com and paying the postage.

See the Spring Newsletter for more information