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Some Useful Links:

Agricultural Market Service at USDA - provides a wide array of information to help agricultural market to stay informed about all the market news and updates. There are also programs and offices to help the agricultural market.

Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association - is a non-profit organization that mission is to encourage and support the economic development of the grape and wine industries, tourism and other associated organization throughout the Lake Erie region. There is information and resources, as well as an opportunity to become a member.

Cornell Cooperative Extension - CCE provides the knowledge with all the agriculture and nutrition needs. It keeps New Yorker informed about community events and lets them engage with their community. There is also resource for programs and how to get connected with your local offices.

Farmers Market Federation of New York - supplies understanding for market consumer, farmers and managers. There is a wide variety of programs, resources and information about everything from food safety to where to find a market. There is a opportunity for farmers to become members and for people to donate to the organization.

Nelson Farms at Morrisville State CollegeNelson Farms is a small-scale food processing incubator that provides entrepreneurial agri-business opportunities for specialty food processors, farmers, growers, and producers. There are several programs that they provide, as well as consulting, ongoing training and education.

New York Small Business Development Center (NYSBDC):
This PDF is a great resource for those who want to start their own food processing business. The information is important to review when developing your own business plan.

NOFA-NY - an organization of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working together to create a sustainable regional food system that's ecologically sound and economically viable.

Cornell Food Venture Center - provides information on food science resources and how Cornell can help you bring your product to market.

Preserving The Harvest - A Value Added Processing Resource List (PDF) - this resource list provides food processor with all the information that will help them in their business from planning your business to Licensing. This PDF has all the information that an entrepreneur would need to be successful.

Small Farms - provides the tools to take online courses, programs and plan your farm to help agriculture owners to build and grow their business. There are also resources and events to help farmers network and expand with their community.

Small Scale Food Processors of Canada - provides small scale food processors with a wide array of course and programs, as well as a food safety portal. It is designed to help food entrepreneurs with the resource they need to improve and succeed in their business.

United States Department of Agriculture - USDA oversees and examines all fowl, meat, game production in the United States. These products are sold through supermarket, gourmets' stores and restaurants. USDA makes sure that these products are safe for the consumer

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